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Gokokumai (Mixed Grain)

-Selection of 5 kinds of certified organic grains

-Simply mix with white rice in a 3:7 ratio (Gokokumai: White rice)


Organic Hulled Millet, Organic Oat Groats, Organic Pearled Barley, Organic Quinoa, Organic Brown Rice

Gluten Free

250g Zip type stand bag

Eatable Brown Rice Snack

-Lightly roasted brown rice

-Very crunchy texture

-Great toppings for salad or soup


Organic Brown Rice

Gluten Free

100g Zip type stand bag

Blackstrap Molasses

450g Glass Jar

Blackstrap Molasses


Organic Molasses

Gluten Free


500g Glass Jar

Australian Organic Honey


Organic Honey

24kg Plastic Bucket is also available

Gluten Free

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