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Ama Koji (Sweet Koji)

It is home-made natural refined-sugar-free sweetener which is made with Rice Koji and water. Rice Koji is well-known tht it acts as a great source of probiotics.

*This recipe requires a warming device such as yogurt maker.


200ml Warm Water (58 to 60 degrees - no higher than this)

*Warming device (Yogurt maker)

Method (Using yogurt maker)

1. Boil to sterilise the device's container/lid and utensils you use.

2. Put Carwari Organic Dried Rice Koji in a container of the yogurt maker and add the warm water. Mix well.

3. Set the device to 60 degrees for 9-10 hours. Recommend to stir several times on the way. 4. Once the Koji is softened and has sweet smell, it is ready.

5. Blend it with a stick blender until smooth. Transfer to a sterilised storage container/jar.

*Store "Ama Koji" in a fridge for a week

*Use "Ama Koji" as a dessert sauce on your favourite fruits.

Use "Ama Koji" as plant based milk on your smoothie.

Blend 1/2-1 cup of fresh strawberry and 1 cup of "Ama Koji" to make sugar-free, dairy-free and gut friendly smoothie!


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