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Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

This cheese style sauce can be used as topping sauce of fritters or dipping sauce.

The mildness from Carwari Organic White Miso Paste and Carwari Organic Brown Rice Vinegar bring out a great taste in this recipe.


1 Tablespoon Carwari Organic Miso Paste White

2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast Flakes

1 clove Garlic

2 teaspoons Olive Oil

2 teaspoons Soy Milk

50ml water

1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt


1. Soak the cashew in the water for a few hours or overnight in a fridge.

2. Drain the soaked cashew and remove excess water with a paper towel.

3. Place all ingredients into the small food processor and process. Occasionally stop the food processor and scrape down the sides and start up again.

Keep processing until it becomes creamy.


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