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Vegetable Temari Sushi (Vegan, Gluten Free)

For 15-18 temari sushi


(Sushi rice)

400g Cooked Rice or Cooked Brown Rice (Carwari Organic Brown Rice)

1/2 to 1 tsp Sea Salt

(Topping Vegetables)

Cucmber, Radish, Carrot - Sliced and sprinkle a pinch of salt

Broccolini, Beans, Asparagus - Boiled

Can Corn Kernel

Pickled Radish


  1. Toast sesame seeds in a pan over low heat for 5 minutes and let it cool.

  2. Prepare for Sushi Vinegar. Mix Brown Rice Vinegar, Agave Nectar and Sea Salt in a small mixing bowl.

  3. Combine the sushi vinegar, toasted sesame seeds and cooked rice.

  4. Place topping prepared vegetable on a sheet of plastic wrap, put sushi rice over the vegetable, then wrap with the plastic wrap, shape it into a ball with twisting the wrap.

  5. Unwrap the plastic wrap.

  6. Repeat the process with your favourite vegetable.

  7. Serve with Carwari Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce.


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