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Vegan Sandwich with Black Sesame Flour Bread Roll

1 serving


1 Black Sesame Flour Bread Roll

Some Spinach leaves

2 slices Tomato

A few slices of Avocado

(Dressed Carrots)

Julienne carrots

Carwari Organic Japanese Balsamic Dressing

(Tahini Sauce)

2 portions Carwari Organic Hulled Tahini

1 portion Carwari Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

2 portions Water

Salt and Pepper


  1. Prepare the Tahini Sauce. Mix the sauce ingredients with above ratio and adjust the taste with salt & pepper.

  2. Prepare the dressed carrots. Mix well julienned carrots and adequate amount of Japanese Balsamic Dressing.

  3. Cut the roll in half and spread the tahini sauce on the bottom half of the roll. Place the vegetables and drizzle over tahini sauce and cover with top half of the roll.

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