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Layered Miso Jars


1 Tablespoon Carwari Brown Rice Miso Red

1 Tablespoon Carwari Toasted Sesame Oil

Handful Soba Noodles (Cooked)

Broccolini (Sliced)

Sharllots (Sliced)

Frozen Peas

Corn Kernels

Mushroom (Sliced)

Red Capsicum (Chopped)

Cabbage (Sliced)

Cooked Shredded Chicken


1. Combine Brown Rice Miso paste and the Sesame Oil and place in the bottoms of the jar.

2. Layer the remaining ingredients in the jar in order they are listed.

3. Seal the jar.

4. Once ready to eat pour in hot water just below the lip of the jar. Stir and serve.

*This great recipe is supplied by "turbocharged_living".

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