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Beetroot & Tahini Sauce with Miso Powder (Vegan, Gluten-free)

2 - 3 servings (as side dish)


Beetroot (1 large; cut into half or 2 small)

>Tahini Sauce for 1 cup approx.

2 to 3TBS Carwari Organic Unhulled Tahini

40ml Lemon Juice

30ml Water

1/2 tsp Flake Sea Salt


Baby green leaves such as baby spinach or baby rocket

Pomegranate seeds


1. Place washed beetroot into a steamer and steam for 40 minutes or until it becomes soft. After it cool down and peel and slice.

2. Prepare the Tahini Sauce. Place Tahini into a mixing bowl and add a half amount of lemon juice and stir. Then add a half amount of water and stir again. Add rest of lemon juice and water with stirring. Season with sea salt.

4. Smear the tahini sauce on a serving plate. Place the beetroot slices and add baby green leaves. Drizzle more tahini sauce on top .

5. Sprinkle Carwari Organic Miso Powder Red and scatter pomegranate seeds.


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