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Deep Fried Tempeh Balls (Vegan)

For 10 - 15 balls


250g Tempeh

Corn Flour for dusting over the temple balls

Carwari Extra Virgin Sesame Oil & Olive Oil (1:1) for deep frying

(Marinade Sauce for Tempeh Balls)

1 clove Garlic or 4-5g Grated Garlic

4-5g Grated Ginger


1. Make the marinade sauce. Mix all of the marinade ingredients until well combined.

2. Tear the tempeh into small pieces and make bite-sized balls.

3. Marinate the tempeh balls into the marinade sauce for 1 hour or so.

4. Lightly coat the marinated tempeh balls with corn flour and deep fry them until golden brown.

5. Drain the excess oil on a paper towel.

6. Serve with vegetables and a wedge of lemon or lime or dipping sauce such as Vinegar & Tamari sauce*.

*Vinegar & Tamari Sauce. Just mix Carwari Rice Vinegar and Carwari Tamari Sauce with a ratio of 1:1.

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